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    OFP is a leader in manufacturing of high-quality precision fiberglass products.
    Serving North America for over 20 years. We are here to provide the very best products in the industry.

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OFP specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom precision fiberglass products, walk-in tubs, showers and travel trailers.
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Our Markets

Walk-In Tubs and Showers

OFP is leading the way in high-quality fiberglass walk-in bathtubs and showers. We provide walk-in tubs to wholesale distributors.

Travel Trailers

We're setting new standards in the travel trailers industry by using only the highest quality fiberglass products created in house here at the OFP plant.

Custom Fiberglass Products

OFP has been manufacturing fiberglass products since 1995. OFP has the experience and the knowledge of molding processes to create any type of part from custom fiberglass molding.

Benefits of Fiberglass

oliver fiberglass products high strength

High Strength

High-Strength fiberglass is used in many markets, including industrial, equipment, water treatment facilities and many marine and shipboard industries.

oilver fiberglass products durable


The addition of the glass fibers greatly add to the compressive strength and tensile of the base, unreinforced resin; allowing fiberglass to rival or exceed the comparative strengths of steel.

oliver fiberglass products design flexibility

Design Flexibility

The design and manufacturing flexibility of fiberglass, provides opportunities to consolidate parts and to incorporate many features into the part to further reduce the total part price.

oilver fiberglass products light weight

Light Weight

Composite parts provide superior strength, stiffness and light weight, and can be formed into any shape.

oilver fiberglass products sound dampening

Sound Dampening

Fiberglass works to absorb sound.

oilver fiberglass products complex shapes

Complex Shapes

Fiberglass is a highly versatile material that excels in the most challenging applications and is rapidly displacing aluminum, steel, wood and other plastic products.

oliver fiberglass products dimensional stability

Dimensional Stability

The dimensional stability from the solid fiberglass means no cracking, curling, expanding or contracting.

oilver fiberglass products corrosion resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Fiberglass composite is resistant to most oxidizing agents, acids, metal salts, bases, reducing gases and sulfur gases, making it the material of choice for corrosion resistant applications.

oilver fiberglass products high impact strength

High-Impact Strength

Fiberglass composite materials combine outstanding impact resistance and strength with very low weight and an attractive surface that is easy to clean.